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This Pride Month, remember those who fought for your rights

It’s finally Pride Month! For those of us lucky enough to live in a place where we are allowed to openly be ourselves, this mean we’ll get to party, parade and celebrate. And that’s awesome. But we cannot forget all the millions of people worldwide who are still living under violent cishet oppression. So, so much remains to be done.

We also should never forget those who fought for us and those who continue to fight. There are people today risking their lives and health to make the world a better place for all of us. Very often, it is those with the least to lose who fight the hardest: trans people, working-class queers, sex workers, lgbtq+ people of colour etc. And it’s the same people who are so often forgotten in the Pride movement!

This was already a problem almost 50 years ago, when pioneer trans activist Sylvia Rivera got on the stage during a Gay Pride rally in NYC and called out the community for forgetting their most disadvantaged siblings. I like to start every Pride Month by watching this video as a reminder:

Happy Pride Month. Continue the good fight and don’t forget to celebrate our victories!


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