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Why do nazis love wearing Thor’s hammer?

It recently came out that yet another politician from the far-right Sweden Democrats has ties to a neo-nazi group. This time it was Rebecca Ädel, an elected official from Nynäshamn, who was revealed to have been active in the Nordic Resistance Movement. Not only that, but she was a columnist on their website.

While I was reading an article about this unsurprising turn of events, I noticed something in Ädel’s photo:

Rebecca Ädel wearing a Thor’s hammer while being confronted about her nazism.

I felt a pang of sadness. Here’s yet another fascist wearing a Thor’s hammer, a symbol sacred to Norse Pagans. And I wondered again: why? What is it with this particular Heathen symbol that appeals to them?

I think, first of all, that they don’t understand who Thor is and what Mjölnir even stands for. Thor is not just some weapon-wielding brute, but a fierce defender of justice. He is known for being caring and protective and is referred to as ”the friend of humankind”; not as ”the friend of white people exclusively”. So, it makes little sense to wear a symbol of Thor’s and at the same time spread hatred against other human beings.

Perhaps nazis like that it represents a weapon. They sure do love violence. Rebecca Ädel wrote in NMR’s online forum that she welcomed a new Hitler and wished someone would shoot the head off a famous author she hates. NMR is, by the way, a terroristorganisation responsible for multiple bombings and murders.

While Mjölnir is described as a devastating weapon, it is used against the forces of evil and chaos; NOT in their service. It is also used as a tool for blessing and hallowing. In the Old Norse days, ceremonial hammers representing Mjölnir were used to consecrate important life events such a births and marriages. It is believed by some historians that the story of Thor cross-dressing as a bride to get His hammer back relates to a custom associated with Norse weddings.

Mjölnir is supposed to a symbol of justice, love of humankind and Divine blessing of the relationships that join us together. That’s why it breaks my heart to see it used by people whose main goal is to spread as much hate and division as they can.


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