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A day of shame for Sweden

A few days ago, I wrote a post about a twelve-year-old girl Swedish authorities had decided to deport to Pakistan despite the fact she was born and had lived her entire life here. Today, the order was carried out and Duaa and her mother were deported. Despite protests and a petition that gathered over 30.000 names, the Swedish Migration Agency refused to reconsider their heartless decision.

In Pakistan, Duaa will a never get the same rights as a boy and she is also at risk of being married off. A child being at risk of forced married is usually a reason for asylum, but the Migration Agency simply decided to not believe Duaa’s mother when she told them what could happen in Pakistan. This despite the fact child marriage is still common in the country.

Today is a very sad day and a day of shame for Sweden. But the fight for Duaa and her mother Tahira goes on. Many are willing to keep fighting until Duaa and Tahira are back in Gällivare, where they belong.



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